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Yanmar eG140i-5F 11 kVa 240V Silent Diesel Inverter Generator

Yanmar's eG140i 240V state of the art inverter diesel generator features variable engine speed for quieter operation and increased fuel efficiency.

The eG140i's compact design and light weight makes it easy to transport. The energy saving sysytem keeps engine rotation to the minimum necessary, making the unit up to 40% more fuel efficient than previous models - all while keeping noise to the lowest level possible.
High Quality Power Supply
The inverter system and CVCF control ensure power supply comparable to any commercial power source. High output
output at 50Hz has been increased by 20% to ensure equal output at both 50Hz and 60Hz. Light weight Compact Design
Our compact vertical water-cooled diesel engine and inverter-type power generator enable us to create a light weight compact design with great portability. Low Noise Level
Our energy-saving system that constantly keeps engine rotation to the minimum necessary, coupled with noise reducing muffler and optimally matched acoustic absorbent materials, make this generator up to 10dB(A) quieter than previous models. Energy-saving Operation
In addition our energy-saving system that optimizes engine rotation makes this model up to 40% more fuel efficient than previous models.
  • Low noise variable speed operation with optimum use of noise damping materials and tuned stiffness enclosure together with perfectly balanced exhaust muffler and specially designed anti-vibration mounts
  • 12 hour fuel tank integrated within the enclosure with easy access fill point from the top and fuel contents gauge
  • Easy maintenance with filter access and all service points from the same side including convenient battery access
  • Full electrical instrumentation panel and main circuit breaker with access door and convenient viewing window
  • Engine protection with automatic shutdown and alarm indication for low oil pressure and high coolant temperature
  • Fuel/water separator primary fuel filter to provide better protection for the fuel pump and injectors
output Ratings Model eG140i-5F
Single PHASE
Standby Power Rating
Standby Power Rating 10.2 kVA
10.2 kW

Technical Data Frequency (Hz)
50 Voltage 240V Engine Type
Vertical, Water cooled, 4- Stroke Diesel
Engine Model
3TNM68 Fuel Consumption (L/hr) @ 25% Load
Fuel Consumption (L/hr) @ 50% Load2.3Fuel Consumption (L/hr) @ 75% Load3.2Fuel Consumption (L/hr) @ 100% Load4.3Noise level @ 7m dB (A) 25% load
64Noise level @ 7m dB (A) 75% load66Noise level @ 7m dB (A) 100% load68 Fuel tank capacity (Lit)
Dimensions L x W X H
1184 x 670 x 770
Dry weight (kg)

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